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A 90 day challenge to kick inaction to the curb!

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90 days to transformation, with your own accountability coach!
You bring the goal.
I'll bring the strategy.

Introducing the

HC 90 day challenge

90 Days, 13 weeks, 3 months, 1 quarter.
It's longer than 1 month.
It's less intimidating than a year.
90 days is the perfect amount of

time for setting and achieving goals.

This 90 day challenge is all about accountability.
I’m not going to lie... it is going to be next level intense.
There will be times when you don’t want to do it (but are going to do it anyway!) This challenge is about utilising me as your coach and allowing me to help you to find and develop self-discipline and commitment to your goal.
The challenge is about working on your Mindset;
To reprogram your old thinking keeping you stuck, into a new, empowered way of thinking that will make you a success!


This is based on a proven strategic formula


Here's the idea. You bring the goal to this challenge. 

It can be anything:


General life



Whatever you want to focus on, the choice is yours.

Then my job?

To teach you my proven strategy.

One that will take you from procrastination to motivation,

all the way to achieving your goal in 90 days.



This challenge is broken up into three distinct areas:



Building habits

Creating belief



This is where we will get clear on our goals.

Defining what we want and why is very important.

Together we will make the plan, set the goalposts

so we can measure results.

Building habits:

This is when we keep doing things even when we

want to stop. I am going to challenge you to show up and do

things no matter what. We do this by managing our minds

and choosing discomfort over comfort.

Creating belief:

Now we have some proof that we can do it; to continue

we need to build a solid belief system that aligns with our

actions to continue creating the results we want in life...forever.

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Find out more...


Let's break it down


Here is everything you have to look forward to:


13 weeks of accountability through a mix of group sessions for learning and coaching, plus 1:1 sessions, you will have regular access to me for support and guidance.

Week 1: Set up week! Participants will go through the self-learning modules on the portal to prepare for the next 12 weeks. These include scheduling in advance, marking out the calendar to attend the group sessions, to pre-plan and problem solve any obstacles, energy tracking prior to the challenge and completing a few simple tasks etc. 

Weeks 2 - 12:  We get into the coaching and work through the program. The structure of this challenge goes like this:

Monday morning lesson and planning call (30-45 minutes) - Expand your mind, learn new concepts and discover what is possible through this work.

Wednesday email check-inReceive the email and reply within 24 hours to stay accountable!

Friday group coaching call (60 minutes)  - Bring all the questions and show up ready to both be coached, and support others being coached.

Week 13:  Celebration week arrives and we go hard celebrating all the amazingness achieved throughout the process. It’s fun, it's a connection, it's a celebration!

1:1 Sessions Throughout the 12 weeks of coaching, participants have 3 x 1:1 sessions with me, lasting up to 60 minutes. 

Session 1 - Use this session to discover and clearly define your goal and what has been keeping you from achieving it. (Week 2)

Session 2 - Bring your specific needs for coaching and move out of excuses, limiting decisions and stepping you into possibility. (Week 6)

Session 3 - Clean up any residual blocks keeping you from success, do a goal drop and plan for the future beyond the program. (Week 11)

Participants get access to;

  • The client portal for the 14 weeks (one week before coaching starts and one week after we finish to wrap up). The portal includes video learning modules, recorded group coaching sessions, all the resources you need, and more.

  • The private 90DC Facebook Group

  • Access to ask a coach feature

  • 3 x 1:1 sessions with me. 


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In 90 days from now, you will thank yourself...

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Payment options






Buy now and receive the 8-week digital course, Ace Your Weight, FREE!

Valued at $497

AND I'll extend your access until April 30 2022

What better way to start 2022 than by setting and

achieving a big goal, one that could change your life?

This challenge has been tried and tested with amazing results.

Don't believe me? Take it from Marni!

“There was so much to love about the 90 day challenge program. I loved the 1:1 chats, the easy access and accountability of meetings, the way Prue follows the program and shares her experience and personal data along with us, her enthusiasm, constant positivity and thirst to learn and how we were all pushed out of our comfort zones!”
– Marni