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Introducing Prue!

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Hello. It's funny how life opens up to you at different times. I am 40+ and have just realised I am really grounded. It turns out I have lived this way for many years. I look back and see I have known myself deeply for a very long time and chose early on, not to let other people’s opinions, choices or perspectives affect me. I hear what people have to say and understand there is no right or wrong way of looking at things...just your way and I have the ability to be at peace with that. I understand my emotions and am willing to feel them all! 

It has only been recently I have been able to articulate the way I am. Through coach training, I have been enlightened and can now fully understand why I am like I am, and why others are like they are. There is no judgment.

I have watched many people around me make choices that did not serve them. Inability to make decisions, marriages destroyed; guilt; worry; weight gain; hatred for themselves; putting people before themselves; not backing their decisions; blaming; fearing failure, and not living the life they thought they should.

I have been standing on the sidelines for far too long watching people’s own minds and their limiting beliefs get in the way of their best life. That is about to change!!

I want everyone to know they are worthy, to know themselves so deeply that they trust their decisions and find the way to live their best, most fulfilling life.

This is a little grim, however, when my beautiful Nanna, on her death bed at 88, said to me,” I am not ready”, I knew instantly that life is so short! I made a promise to myself not to let life just happen, but to go out and chase my wildest dreams. This is what I am doing. 

I am completing my training to become an Executive Master Coach with NLP practitioner credentials, ICF accredited and Business Coaching.

I have worked in my own creative businesses for the last decade while also holding down a corporate career in finance and gained my Accounting diploma in January 2019. 

I am a proud mother of three children and a wife to a very patient and amazing husband who supports me all the way, in anything I choose to become. 

This is my passion. This is my calling. I am all about serving others and will make it my life's work to help you live the life of your dreams. 

Prue xx


I am here to help you.


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