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Discover Freedom with Ace Your Weight

Are you feeling overwhelmed by diets and exercise routines that seem to lead nowhere? Tired of the constant battle with your weight and the stress it brings?

Our program offers a fresh perspective!


Break Free from Cravings: Say goodbye to unhealthy food cravings and embrace nourishing choices that support your well-being.

It is possible and I will teach you.

Unlock the Secrets: We'll delve into three crucial elements:

  • Understanding why You carry extra weight

  • Natural weight loss strategies

  • Becoming the new you: sustainable weight maintenance​

Does this sound like you?

Do you put a lot of emphasis on food to make you happy?

Do you use food as a reward?

Do you feel guilty when you have eaten “bad” foods?

Do you constantly think about food, diet and health?

Do you hate your body and constantly put yourself down?

Do you feel overwhelmed and want to give up?

Is your body so out of whack that it does not know what is good or bad, or if it is hungry or not? 

Do you always feel hungry?

Do you fall of the wagon and always say to yourself;  "I'll start again Monday" (or next week or next year!)?


This program is for you if...

You find yourself using food as your happiness lifeline.

Food is often your go-to reward.

Your "bad" food choices making you feel guilty.

Your mind plays a never-ending food, diet, and health playlist?

You are your own worst critic when it comes to your body?

You are feeling overwhelmed and close to giving up.

Your body has mixed signals, leaving you confused about hunger?

You've ever promised yourself, "I'll start again Monday" (or next week, or next year).

Quietly nodding your head yet?



This program will teach you how to...

Lose weight (whether it be 50+ KG's or the last 5 KG)

Manage and process all your emotions

Build trust with yourself to eat what is right for you

Manage urges and understand your hunger

Make food decisions ahead of time

Love yourself now

The Details

Head Coach triangles.png

8 Weeks of access to the Self-Learning Digital Course.

When you sign up for Ace your Weight, you get immediate access to all the information. 


Over 6 hours of video training modules.

This can be accessed immediately and will be available for eight weeks.

Binge watch or use the checklist to work through them step by step.

Downloadable tools to keep you on track;

A workbook and manual- This extensive, 100 page document is filled with all the information you need. It is yours to keep forever!

A checklist to support you through the step by step process to complete this course in eight weeks.

Plus, individual worksheets to use beyond this program.

All found in the client portal.

Access to the private Facebook page where all the support will continue. This is a place for connection, asking questions, and celebrating all the wins. You can be a part of this forever.

Here you will be surrounded by like-minded women who are seeking the same outcome; you will work together to gain perspective on your life and your weight loss journey.

Support for eight weeks via the ask a question form on the client portal. 

This is not just a diet for 8 weeks but the start of your new life and new way of looking after yourself, forever!

Video module cover WIX (23).png
Channel One- Welcome Series
  • Welcome

  • How to use this program

  • Learning my tools

Video module cover WIX (24).png
Channel Two- The Why
  • Why we are overweight

  • Emotions

  • Desire

  • Beliefs

Video module cover WIX (25).png
Channel Three- The How
  • Guidelines

  • Calibrating

  • Planning

  • The Wagon

  • Hunger

  • Fasting

  • Guidelines

  • Urges

  • Weighing in

  • Obstacles

  • Finding comfort

  • Exceptions

  • Choosing you

  • Goal setting

Have questions about the program? Book in a call below!

What if

You could relax around food?
Looking after yourself and your health was easy?
You didn't desire the food that stops your
weight loss?
And you could solve this problem once and for all?
I am telling you,
"If I can do it, so can you!
As someone who always fell back to old, unhealthy habits and hated myself and my body, this program is the exact method I used to give up the diet for good and instead listened to my body and figured out what worked for me. It is the key to success.
Who knew it could be so easy!
I am forever grateful to have figured it out and now want to share my success with everyone"
-Prue Sulicich 

The Investment

One payment of



The extra weight we have on our body comes from the foods we over consume. 


We over eat because we are over hungry and have over desire. 

These both stem from the inability to process our emotions.

Eating our emotions has become the norm as has carrying extra weight on our bodies. 

Our bodies are confused and we are all suffering.

It does not have to be this way. We can calibrate our bodies to know what hunger feels like again and we can process our emotions. 

The result: to be naturally thin

It is possible.


Are you in?

Faded Sandpaper


"I completed the Ace Your Weight course and met the most incredible group of women. It showed me that I was not alone in my struggles to shed the extra kilograms. Over the course of the program, I learnt not only to gain control over what I was eating but also to control my emotions.

For me, this program has been about so much more than weight loss and I decided to continue working with Prue to get to the root of my overeating.

I've since lost 15 kilograms and plan to keep working with Prue until I reach my goal of 25 kilograms lost... something I now know is completely possible.

This isn't a diet, it is a lifestyle and mindset change."

What people say


All my adult life I have struggled with my weight. I've done everything, every fad, diet, program, plan... I've accepted that this is who I am, a 'big girl'. I have loathed my body, myself, my weakness.

I knew the theory of weight loss, calories in versus calories out, so why couldn't I just do it?


12 months ago an opportunity popped up in my news feed, Ace your weight. I went along full of hopes and wishes. By the time I finished the course the hopes were replaced by commitments, the wishes replaced by choices. 


I am happier, healthier and well on my way to the weight loss goal I never dared dreamed of before. 


I now have my head in the game and what was once impossible is now a choice and I have chosen me!!


Today’s the day; minus 15kg

What a journey!!

This is the most weight that I have ever lost and it has been the easiest lifestyle change that I have ever done!

Who would have thought all those weeks ago that we’d be saying weight loss is easy; the old me would have gone "good job" go and eat some food, but the me now is happy to not eat food and find enjoyment in the world around me.


To everyone having a good day, enjoy! To anyone who is struggling today, it’s only temporary #YouCanDoHardThings

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