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I am glad to have you here.
Let's get started.

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Before you go. I want to introduce myself.

My name is Prue Sulicich

(pronounced Sool-i-sich, if you are wondering how on earth to say it!

I am the founder of Head Coach and work every day to bring quality coaching, new ways of thinking and transformation to my clients 1% at a time.

What I know about making changes in your


life, whether it be weight loss, improved confidence, time management, building stronger relationships or a myriad of examples, is that this type of work is the long game. It is not a quick fix, wham bam, thank you for coming. It is about recognising what it is you want and who you want to be; then making one small change at a time to get there.
Thanks again for signing up and I Iook forward to helping you achieve EVERYTHING!  

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