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for 2021


17th December

6-9 pm

LOCATION: Foundation Broken hill

Make 2021 your best year yet!

Nothing will change if you take no action!

Don't let another year just pass you by without making the changes you want for yourself.


The first step in achieving any dream is by writing it down to make it a reality.

Do this by getting your dreams out of your head and into a tangible format that can be measured. 

All those people you admire, who are achieving their dreams and goals...did this first!

Be that person. Choose you. Don't let fear, lack of confidence, or procrastination stand in your way. 

This is a three-hour workshop where you will get those ideas out of your head and into a format that can be followed. 

I will teach you the reasons why you don't follow through on your goals and how to make a change.

I will give you a strategy to make it work for you!

The workshop will be catered for a light supper with complimentary beverages.

Plus, it will be fun, and you can build stronger connections with like-minded people.


What it looks like

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Limited spots available


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This workshop will teach you how to...

Set goals

Take the action to reach your goals

Three strategies to keep you motivated

Understand your higher reason

Understand what stops you from taking action

Learn about yourself more deeply.


Life seems to just come at you. You feel there is no room for new ideas, dreams, and hopes. You are busy working, raising a family, growing a business, and everything else in between. 


I get it! I have been there!


Here's the get to choose your life.

All the results you have in your life, come from a choice you have made.

If you don't like those results, now is your time to work towards the results you do want.


The first step is awareness.

The second step is action.

The third and final step is knowing yourself deeply nothing stands in your way!


This is what I will teach you.

From now on, choose you.

It is possible.


Are you in?

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