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If I'm so smart,
why can't I lose weight?



2 hours is all you need to start the journey to the rest of your life! 

In this workshop you will learn;

The real reason behind your weight gain.

Why you are amazing and smart, and still struggle with losing weight.

Why you feel out of control and how to gain your control back.

How you are sabotaging your goals to stay comfortable.

How you can solve this once and for all.

I've coached women who are reaping the benefits of this work and are changing all aspects of their lives for the better

As a woman, I know the pressure you put on yourself to be and look a certain way. 

I get it, that was me.

You already know HOW to lose weight, you just don't follow through.

You tell yourself you love food and that it's too hard.

You put everything and everyone else first.

Sound familiar?

To get the results you want in life, YOU must come first.

Learning to love your body is the best thing you can do for yourself.

It will build confidence, pride, and love.

You must find what works for you and go all in.

It is the only way.

To be the best version of you requires never-ending action.

Never-ending action is continually showing up;

It is the commitment to finding what will work for you, 

AND...believing it is possible. 

Let's do this!



When: 16 March 2023

6:30 PM AEST

Via Zoom (Link will be sent to you after sign up)

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