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I help restless women find their identity and claim back their lives

Find clarity. Find meaning. Find an understanding of who you are.

Do you look at your life and wonder how you got here? Do you put everyone else before yourself and feel resentful? Are you not whom you want to be?

Did you once have big dreams?

Did you think about all the possibilities life could bring? 

Is part of you afraid that this is all life has to offer and you feel guilty for feeling unsatisfied with your life when you seem to have it all? 

You constantly put others' needs before your own and you are starting to resent the people you love. 

Do you fear that you might fail if you dare to dream and that it is simply easier to push your dreams down? 

Are you struggling with...

Lost identity

Restlessness within

Fear of missing out

Indecision and overwhelm

Feeling grateful

Not being heard

Being the last to matter

Quietly nodding your head yet?


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I specialise in helping my clients...

Understand who you are

Build your confidence to live your dreams

Grow connections and build stronger relationships

Manage and process all your emotions

Have clarity for your life 

What would working with me look like?

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These sessions will be interactive and will cover the topics of your needs. I believe in fluid coaching; we pick up where your needs lie, and then I will tailor the resources to suit.  

Your coaching success will be measured against your actions and results.


8-week coaching package

Weekly 60 minute sessions at the same time via zoom or face to face

Between session text-based support

Resources tailored to your needs

Bonus connection to other like minded women through workshops or extra zoom meetings

The Investment







Change starts from within.

If you want to change your life, you are the only one that can do it.

Nothing around you needs to change for you to start feeling better; stop waiting for others to change.

You must learn to process all your emotions.

Once you get to that place, you can then choose your dream life and take action towards it. 

If you know yourself so well, nothing will stand in your way. 

It is possible.

Do it for you

Are you in?