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Moving through Impatience.

I know that myself, and maybe many of you too, are feeling impatient. You might be like me, recently having made a big life change (hello relocation!) and itching to settle in properly. Or you might be struggling to figure out what is and isn’t within your control.

Well, first of all, our feelings are definitely in our control. But this doesn’t mean we need to rush over them. If we are feeling a lot of negative feelings, I don’t want you to brush past them! It’s not about ‘toxic positivity’ and forcing yourself to only think happy thoughts. That is not realistic and in the end, it doesn’t actually work. The negative thoughts don’t actually go away!

Emotions are patient.

That's right. If you have an emotion in your body, that emotion will stay with you until the time comes for you to process it. It may be triggered by something else a few days or weeks down the road, but none the less it will be there…patiently waiting for its turn to be felt.

So let’s just start trying to understand how to process an emotion. That is the best way through any emotion. Any emotion you feel is simply a vibration in our bodies, and usually on the other side of that vibration is…nothing.

I am personally feeling super impatient with wanting to get out of lockdown. Thoughts like:

“This isn’t happening fast enough” and “is this ever going to end?” are common. And yet while I know this is not really helpful, and I know this IS going to end, logic occasionally takes a back seat. That being said, I am good at managing my mind around emotions.

We all have these moments of impatience. But if we can take a step back, tap into how we feel about a situation and allow ourselves to feel what we want to feel, we can move through that feeling with a bit more clarity and practicality.

Pause. Process. Understand. One thought at a time.

And that is ok. We are not broken, we are simply human beings.

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