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Remember your 'WHY'?

When we first begin something for the first time we are full of excitement, vigour, and anticipation. We feel inspired, motivated, and hopeful. We can’t wait to dive right in.

And while this is a beautiful part of the process, just like with anything else in life, we know this initial phase of our weight loss journey isn’t going to last forever.

So how can we avoid this, or support ourselves if a lack of motivation arises?

Remember why yo

u started

Sometimes when we are working towards a goal, especially long-term goals, we can almost forget and become disconnected from the original purpose of what we set out to do. Refamiliarise yourself with your original purpose.


Visualise what it will look and feel like when you achieve your goals. Visualise yourself in your new healthy body. Visualise a new outfit that you have purchased for yourself. Tune in to how you will feel in your new healthy and vibrant body. Become familiar with that sensation and bring it to life!

Be kind and compassionate towards yourself

If you do experience times of feeling unmotivated or disconnected to your goal, always be kind and compassionate with yourself. It will not help the situation at all if you start to run negative internal dialogue a

bout how you have ‘failed’ at achieving your goals. Just know that it is a temporary bump in the road and set the intention to get back on track.

Work with a coach

Working with a coach, either 1:1 or in a group environment can really support you during these times of motivation. They can provide you with feedback and action steps that you can take in order to keep you on track with your goals.

Next time you feel like you’re lacking motivation, give these a go! And keep moving forward towards your goals because you are totally capable of achieving them!


If you are ready to get clear on your WHY? and make this the last time you start for the first time, then download my free resource here.

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