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What does 'Commitment' mean to you?

Isn’t it funny to hear a different perspective on what commitment means?

I have always felt that commitment is being dedicated to a cause or Thoughts just seem to happen and we don’t even know they are keeping us stuck. But once we discover a simple thought like “diets are limiting my freedom”, we can understand why we think this way and then choose to keep thinking this way or not. I know for sure that thought will always keep you in a loop of restriction and binge eating and if you want to move past it, you must move past thinking that thought on purpose. Do you want to give it a go? Here are a few tips to get you started when it comes to your thoughts around food.

01 – First, notice how you feel when you want to stop eating a certain food that is not good for you. Sit with the feeling. Is it annoyed, restricted, sad, etc 02 – Next, understand why you feel that way by pulling out what you are thinking about. You might be thinking; “I should be able to eat anything I want”. "This is not fair”. I just love food and I just want to eat the food I like”. Whatever you are thinking, write it all down. 03 - Now attached the thoughts to how you feel. They are closely connected. This is called awareness and is the first step to making a lasting change. You don’t need to do anything more, for now. Just understand that you always feel a certain way from a thought that is playing in your mind. I hope this helps.

Your eternal optimist,


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