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Hi, I'm Prue Sulicich,
your dedicated Life Coach, on a mission to help women like you achieve their goals and BE UNSHAKEABLE.

Let me help

What is being unshakeable?

It is the ability to be calm, productive and to be yourself, even in the face of adversity.

 It will create a difference in your life in so many ways.

Less conflict within yourself and in your relationships.

More self-confidence and excitement about life.

Less procrastination and more motivation.

More joy in all the small moments

What people are saying


"In just a few short months of working with Prue, I have experienced what I can only describe as "The Next Level Personal and Professional Growth".
Prue has helped me understand my core values and how I was incongruently leading to habits that were not serving me. I am so grateful our paths crossed and my life will never be the same again."


"I completed the Ace Your Weight course and met the most incredible group of women. It showed me that I was not alone in my struggles to shed the extra kilograms. Over the course of the program, I learnt not only to gain control over what I was eating but also to control my emotions.

For me, this program has been about so much more than weight loss and I decided to continue working with Prue to get to the root of my overeating.

I've since lost 15 kilograms and plan to keep working with Prue until I reach my goal of 25 kilograms lost... something I now know is completely possible.

This isn't a diet, it is a lifestyle and mindset change."


All my adult life I have struggled with my weight. I've done everything, every fad, diet, program, plan... I've accepted that this is who I am, a 'big girl'. I have loathed my body, myself, my weakness.

I knew the theory of weight loss, calories in versus calories out, so why couldn't I just do it?


Four months ago an opportunity popped up in my news feed, Ace your weight. I went along full of hopes and wishes. By the time I finished the course the hopes were replaced by commitments, the wishes replaced by skills. 


I am happier, healthier and well on my way to the weight loss goal I never dared dreamed of before. 


I now have my head in the game and what was once impossible is now a choice and I have chosen me!!


Today’s the day; minus 15kg

What a journey!!

This is the most weight that I have ever lost and it has been the easiest lifestyle change that I have ever done!

Who would have thought all those weeks ago that we’d be saying weight loss is easy; the old me would have gone "good job" go and eat some food, but the me now is happy to not eat food and find enjoyment in the world around me.


To everyone having a good day, enjoy! To anyone who is struggling today, it’s only temporary #YouCanDoHardThings

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