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Achieve Your Goals.
Celebrate Your Accomplishments.

Turning Intention Into Achievement

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"Welcome to the only place that empowers you to not only start, but finish your goals – where mindset meets achievement. This in-depth experience is designed to empower you to break through barriers, set and conquer your goals, and celebrate the positive change you've been craving. Your journey to success starts here."

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If you’re someone who's determined to break through personal barriers, achieve goals you have been “trying” to achieve forever, and embrace positive change, you’re in the right place.

Before I tell you about the course in more detail, let’s see if you are a good fit.

The Finishers Club is for you if;


If you are prepared to slow down before you speed up. 

If you are willing to learn how to do goals differently. 

If you’re willing to let go of dreams and goals that no longer align to your life.

And if you are determined to work on your mindset because you know that is the key to personal growth and goal success. 


The Finishers Club will guide you through a simple, yet transformative process that will create goals aligned to your life, help you build unshakeable self-confidence and allow you to achieve the life of your dreams without the overwhelm. It is a simple strategy to not only start your goals, but to see them through and finish them as well.

By the end of this program, you will have:

An aligned goal - No more wasted time and energy on goals that aren’t yours!

A goal that is completed. Ticked off. FINISHED! In six weeks!

Tangible proof that what you choose to start, you can finish!

A simple process to eliminate unnecessary tasks, creating more time to focus on what is important.

A framework to build your fail-proof plan to success - One that you can use again and again to achieve every goal from here on in.

An painless exercise to change your mindset to easily align with being "A Finisher".

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The Proof


Prue's way of teaching is simple yet transformative. I love how she uses her own life as examples and is down to earth. Prue's approach to goal setting is unique and is something that can be used again and again.


I never knew that slowing down was the way to huge success. I was always so overwhelmed when attempting any goal that I ended up achieving nothing. Having a Finishers Mindset is the key to my success.


It's amazing how your whole life can change after you work with Prue. I had a vision for my life that I was once too scared to follow, now I am living my best life and can contribute it to the coaching I got with Prue. 

In The Finishers Club you will get:

A self-paced course with 5 implementation modules which will guide you through how to get back to basics, build your tolerance to making changes one small goal at a time, understand your own goals, show how you are already successful and a simple process to finish the goals you start.

An online learning portal to make learning simple and easy.

Lifetime access to the course - so you can use the process again and again.

A free and private Facebook Community.

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The Details

Course Offer

Total # of Modules - 5

Total # of lessons - 27


Will there be a resources area?

In the portal, yes, absolutely there is!

Will I be offering extra support in the form of cheat sheets, checklist, worksheets?

Yes of course!

How long will it take to get through the entire program?

6 weeks

How long will the course content be available?

Lifetime access!

Will there be downloadable content?

Yes, some. Workbook, worksheets, audio modules.

If I update the course, will members receive updates?

Yes absolutely!

Course Support

Primarily it is a self-study course. All the modules will be drip-fed over a five week period, module by module.


However, I will be offering 5 weeks of mentoring via the Facebook group and live coaching calls.


In addition, inside the members portal, there will be a ask a question feature, that is like email support. This will be available for the lifetime of the course.

Lending a Helping Hand


Pay in full get a 90 Minute strategy session with a Coach (for first five people)

Risk Free

10-Day Money Back Guarantee

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Don't Let Self-Doubt Stop You!

If self-doubt is the only thing stopping you, have no fear! The Finishers Club will guide you through a painless and transformative process that will create goals aligned to your life, help you build unshakeable self-confidence and allow you to achieve the life of your dreams without the overwhelm. It is a simple strategy to see your goals through from start to finish while kicking self-doubt to the curb!

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