Head Coach Membership

Keep up the good work.
Stay accountable.
Grow every day.

$220 per month

So, you have been through a Head Coach program but want to continue the good work!

I've got you!

The membership program is designed for you. 

Maybe you are not ready to go at it alone. Maybe you just like the idea of having someone in your corner. Maybe, you know that surrounding yourself with like-minded people is how you get results and fills you up.

I totally hear you.

You have heard me talk about this process being a marathon, not a sprint. 

The program you just went through or workshop you attended has taught you so much about yourself, food, your body and how your brain works.

You have been willing to feel uncomfortable and do what it takes to get the results you want, however, you know that you are still in the first part of your run. You might still be in some pain!

This is absolutely normal. This is the long game and requires a long strategy.

Knowing what you need and committing to it is a virtue.

You wouldn't stop practicing the piano after learning one song if you wanted to be a concert pianist. This would require never-ending practice and commitment. 

The same goes for managing your mind. Remember, we are changing the neural pathways in our brains to be the person we want to be and this requires constant action.

This is where the membership will help!

Here is what is included;

  • Unlimited 1:1 sessions of 60 minutes

  • Access to group coaching every week via zoom

  • Access to 20-minute power sessions to focus and work through a specific Circumstance, Thought, Feeling, Action or Result.

  • FREE monthly workshops held face to face or via zoom to regroup, learn and support each other.

  • Access to all the online learning materials. Videos, coaching calls, workbooks and tools.

  • FREE invitation to all mini-workshops or events Head Coach hosts

  • Access to the private Head Coach Members Facebook group

  • Discount on any retreats hosted by Head Coach


Let's do this

Only $220/month

Six-month initial commitment and then you can cancel anytime.

See below for T & C's