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Be Unshakeable

With Prue Sulicich

I help women feel happier, be less reactive and love their lives again.

Are you ready to feel better, to have more confidence and be the best version of yourself?

I've got you!

The membership program is designed for you. 

It is for women who want to change but doing it alone is not working.

Maybe you like the idea of having someone in your corner. Maybe you know that surrounding yourself with like-minded people is how you get results and fills you up.

I totally hear you.

Does this sound familiar?

Everything stops when you feel a heavy emotion? It might take you by surprise and then all your plans for the day or the future just cease to move forward.

You have goals and dreams, but it feels like one step forward and ten steps backwards.


Your emotions are ruling your life and not in a good way. 

You are reactive to everything. You get offended easily. You feel angry all the time and on top of that, you feel guilty for feeling this way.

From the outside, life looks pretty good. Essentially, your life is everything you wanted. 


My story

In my past, I was a chameleon. I changed myself to fit into my surroundings.

I didn't have an opinion about anything. I felt I was nobody special. I didn't know what I stood for. And I most certainly didn't have the confidence to speak my truth, even if I did.

I was shy. Nervous. Gave up when things got hard and didn't know who on earth I was.

Until, I said yes to exploring what this all meant. 

My life looked good. I was married with beautiful children and a caring husband. Yet I was always trying to find something else to make me happy. A new kitchen, a new dress, a new business...nothing worked. 

It was not until I realised that I was searching in the wrong places for happiness. I was seeking outside validation when I needed to look within. From there, everything changed. 

Four years later and I have fully stepped into being myself. I am unshakeable.

And my life is proof of it. Everything has changed.

I know choosing myself is the best gift I can give myself.

Being Unshakeable is:

The ability to feel any emotion and continue to show up for your present and future self. To know you will be ok, no matter what. To have your own back.

In Be Unshakeable;

You will learn to understand your emotions

You will connect to your own deepest truths

You will learn how to be YOU. 

Knowing what you need and committing to it is a virtue.

You wouldn't stop practicing the piano after learning one song if you wanted to be a concert pianist. This would require never-ending practice and commitment. 

The same goes for managing your mind. In BE UNSHAKEABLE, you are changing the neural pathways in your brains to be the person you want to be and this requires constant action.

This is where the membership will help!

Here is what is included;​

  • Monthly Assignment and topic

  • Access to group coaching sessions every week via zoom. Plus the recording.

  • Access to 1 x 30-minute power sessions per month to focus and work through a specific Circumstance, Thought, Feeling, Action or Result.

  • My proven UNSHAKEABLE strategy to keep forward momentum in your self-development.

  • Access to entire library of online learning materials. Videos, coaching calls, workbooks and tools.

  • FREE invitation to all mini-workshops or events Head Coach hosts

  • Access to the private Head Coach Members Facebook group

  • Discount on any retreats hosted by Head Coach


Let's do this. Let's BE UNSHAKEABLE.

Only $197/month

Cancel anytime.

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